The Lions' Den will draft and assist in the execution of your will document. We offer to keep an original copy for our clients for a yearly storage fee. 


A will is a legal instrument that permits a person to make decisions on how their estate will be managed and distributed after their death. Despite a common misperception, when one dies, their possessions do not go to the State of Florida. Florida has laws that are designed to give away possessions in the way that would most closely resemble the typical person’s desires. Thus, your possessions would go to your spouse, then to your children, then to you parents, then your brothers and sisters and so forth.

Despite this default process, we can create our own will and there are several advantages to doing so.

One advantage is that people may want to choose where they desire their possessions to go outside the default provisions. You may want to gift items to a caretaker, friend, organization or even create a fund to care for your pet after your death.

In addition, a clearly written will prevents post death litigation and struggles between loved ones or family members. A common problem is that when people engage in court disputes, it will diminish the value of the estate due to legal fees and costs. We all want our loved ones to be in the best position possible after our death. If you or someone you know would like a will written, please contact us.



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