Timesharing and Custody

The Lions' Den will be your voice when working out a schedule your children.  Both timesharing and child support are impassioned areas of law, but clients can feel comfortable with The Lions' Den that their rights are being protected.  We offer services such as Petitions for Timesharing and Paternity, in addition to modifications of timesharing or other associated actions.  


There are many aspects of timesharing that may be decided in the court based on the circumstances.  It is important to have a skilled attorney to argue your interests in court and to help facilitate the court process.  The overarching theme for any court determination is to decide what is in the best interest of the children, and it helps to have a neutral party to look objectively at your situation to help render an outside perspective.  Timesharing is governed by Chapter 61 of the Florida Statutes, in addition to Florida case law and past rulings on specific issues that are not covered by statute.    Important factors that may be decided by the judge can be : 

  1. How much time each child spends with each parent. 

  2. When and where the child drop off will occur. 

  3. Whether a parent should be supervised when with their child. 

  4. Whether a parent may move over 50 miles. 

  5. Which location will be best for the child's growth? 

  6. Whether one parent help facilitate the other parents relationship with the child. 

  7. Whether a parent help a child strengthen their talents or gifts. 

  8. The location of family can affect Timesharing. 

  9. The parents individual schedule and availability. 

  10. The parents home.

How Parental Disputes Affect Brain Development in Children

Broward County Family Law Judge John Patrick Contini in the court today spoke about how disputes and problems between spouses can have a very harmful effect on children, more than many parents realize. He had 7 scientific academic articles that he showed to the Father and Mother that found that children in chaotic relationships experience different brain development. Their frontal lobe is developed faster (seemingly good). However, their left and right brain develop much slower. These are the areas of brain related to creativity, logic, logical reasoning, imagination etc. It is so easy in a relationship to get caught up in the matter at hand but you have to look at the effects that can have on your children. One simple way to improve communications, which is given as advice to most parents at the beginning of a time sharing legal matter, is to avoid arguing in front of your children. Avoid including them in any argument with the other parents or discussing the argument with them. Agree to discuss the matter at a later time when you have some privacy, if possible. Also, avoid responding emotionally to the other parent. Try to be civilized and state your ideas or concerns without judgment, taking offense, feeling attacked or being defensive. Lastly, you must place your child's needs above your own. Swallow your pride and take the high road, as it is your responsibility as a parent. After the judge gave this information, the couple proceeded to fight leaving the courtroom and almost got into a physical altercation by the elevators. You would think they would feel enlightened by what the judge expressed to them, but the ideas did not appear to take root.

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