A Deeper Meaning


The Lions Den logo was created by Rik de Lavaletta and depicts a lion that is holding the scales of justice in it's mouth. A 13th century Persian poet named ‘Rumi’ depicted lions as a symbol of God and lions' actions as an expression of divine justice. In addition, lions symbolize strength, a nobility of purpose, mastery of the legal system, respect for our opponents, judges, clients and the judicial system. 


The lion is holding scales and the scales represent the two competing alternatives to a dispute and also the importance of weighing these perspectives. The lion holding the scales represents our desire to control the balance in the best interests of our clients. We strive for resolutions that will save time, money and stress.


The Lions' Den Logo


Miami Office

Attention Jonathan May

Brickell Arch (Former Espirito Santo Plaza)

1395 Brickell Ave, Suite 900

Miami, FL 33131

West Palm Beach Office

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Northbridge Center

515 North Flagler Drive, Suite P-300

West Palm Beach FL 33401

Tampa Office

Attention Jonathan May

400 North Ashley Drive, Suite 1900

Tampa, Florida 33602

New York City Office

Attention Jonathan May (Florida Bar) or

Attention Derrick Morales (New York Bar)

48 Wall Street, Suite 1100

New York, New York, 10005

Phone: 305-699-5466

Phone: 844-954-6652


Hours: Please call anytime.  Leave a message if we are not available.