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Jonathan E. May, Esq., M.A.



Jonathan May has an Master's Degree in Communication Studies (a social science) and teaches debate, persuasion, interpersonal communication and persuasion at the collegiate level.  He continues to learn and improve his communication skills in the classroom and utilizes and implements these skills to put his clients in the best position for success.  He is a natural born strategist and sought out competitive strategy activities growing up, like  coaching collegiate and high school football, playing and competing in chess and other strategic activities. 


Founding Attorney and Senior Partner 


Jonathan May, Esq., M.A. studied communications at the University of Illinois and the University of Miami and Law at Nova Southeastern University.  Attorney May developed skills in leadership, teaching, coaching and physical training as a collegiate football coach with the University of Miami, University of Illinois and Florida International University. 

Attorney May then became a communications professor and has taught at over sixteen schools in the area.  This is a unique background that has helped contribute to his success in the legal field.  Most people are not aware that a communications background involves education and the development of skills in many areas that attorneys use everyday.  Linguistics helps one with the decisions process of the most appropriate word usage to convey an idea to another person.  Literary devices can involve the use of metaphors and analogies that help another person understand a complex idea and help create a comparison of characteristics.  Cultural communications helps one to communicate with people of different backgrounds and language styles.  Interpersonal communication helps one communicate in a one on one situation and teaches one how to show empathy for others, to react appropriately and supportively and to avoid communication that may be inappropriate for a specific situation.  Group communication teaches one about the roles in a group and the many roles that must be filled in order for a group to maximize it's efficiency and effectiveness.  Persuasive speaking helps one break down an argument to its core and to analyze its different components and the process to tailoring points for ones specific audience.  Informative speaking helps introduce an unknown subject area to an audience.  Listening helps one grasp information provided efficiently and to analyze the information. 


Attorney May co-founded The Lions' Den directly after graduating from law school and has been working to grow the practice ever since.  Attorney May learned under Janine Rice with the Broward State Attorney office and contributed to the prosecution against felony domestic violence offenders.  Attorney May volunteered for about a year about twenty hours per week with Dade Legal Aid to gain valuable legal experience in probate, client retention and other areas of law.  Attorney May volunteered with Fidelity National Title Group in order to learn how to handle permit disputes and coordinate with city officials to work out violations.  Attorney May is admitted to practice before the Tax Court, Immigration Court, Bankruptcy Court, Federal Court for Southern District of Florida and the Florida Bar. 

Attorney May is a Christian that attends Vous Church in Miami.  Attorney May volunteers often with charitable organizations in order to help the community of Miami and the communities outside Miami.        


  • University of Illinois

    • ​Bachelor of Arts and Sciences Degree in Speech Communication

  • University of Miami

    • ​Master of Arts Degree in Communication Studies

  • Nova Southeastern University

    • ​Juris Doctorate Degree


  • Admitted to practice before the Federal Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Florida. 

  • Admitted to practice before the Federal Immigration Court. 

  • Admitted to practice before the Southern District of Florida Federal Court.

  • Admitted to practice before the United States Tax Court

  • Coauthored the Book Police Promotion Preparation 

  • Real Estate License (2015)

  • Florida Notary Public (2015)



Legal Experience


  • Dade County Legal Aid, Put Something Back Program 

    • ​Pro Bono Attorney Volunteer: 200 Pro Bono hours in 2015.

  • Fidelity National Title Group

    • Internship​

    • Real Estate Title Dispute Resolution

  • Office of the State Attorney, 17th District, Broward County​

    • ​Felony Domestic Violence Unit Internship

    • Court Experience everyday

  • Huron Consulting Group/Synergy Legal Document Review 

Communications Professor 


  • Teach key areas of communication relevant to law including debate, interpersonal communication, persuasion, business communication, perspective and more

  • Nova Southeastern University

  • Keiser University (Ft Lauderdale, Pembroke Pines, West Palm Beach)

  • Keiser Career College (North Miami)

  • Praxis Institute (MIAmi and Hialeah)

  • Everest Institute (Kendall, Hialeah, Miami) 

  • Miami Dade College (Wolfson, North, Interamerican, West)

  • CBT (North Miami)