The Lions' Den provides litigation services in divorce in Florida. Divorce is often a difficult time for families. We strive to make a divorce as stress-free as possible for our clients. We strive to instill a positive outlook towards an often negative situation so that our clients can transition into a better lifestyle filled with hope and opportunity.

We will direct your actions in court and put you in the best financial and Parental position. We negotiate assertively in order to  satisfy our clients needs while expediting the court process and reducing costs. 

Expedited and Strategic

We will work to achieve the result that you think is fair and will preserve your assets and property.  Many people are not aware that the legal concept of marital property ends when the couple files for divorce.  Marital property typically indicates that the property is shared.  See Florida Statute 61.075.

The following lists shows marital assets (first) and nonmarital assets. 

  1. Assets and debts made during the marriage.

  2. An increase in value of a property that is a nonmarital asset that resulted from efforts of an opposing party during the marriage.

  3. A gift from a spouse during the marriage.

  4. Money acquired during the marriage from retirement, pension, insurance etc

  5. Real Estate held by both spouses.

  6. Personal items that are in both spouses names. 

We will protect and preserve nonmarital property.​

  1. Assets acquired prior to the marriage or purchased with those monies.

  2. Estate property or gifts

  3. Income from nonmarital assets.

  4. Property excluded from marital assets by a prenuptial agreement.

Expedited and Strategic

When a court Distributes assets during a divorce, Florida uses 'equitable distribution'. The first thing that the court will do is identify marital assets and nonmarital assets. The court will divide marital assets at their discretion. At The Lions' Den, we specialize in crafting arguments and negotiating a favorable outcome for our clients. The court looks at the following factors per Florida statute 61.075:

  1. Contribution to the marriage.

  2. Contribution to the care and education of children and Spousal services as a homemaker.

  3. The Economic circumstances of each party.

  4. The duration of the marriage.

  5. Any interruption  of a personal career or education.

  6. The contribution of one spouse to the career or education of the other spouse.

  7. The importance of keeping an asset intact and free from a claim or interference.

  8. The contribution of each spouse to improving income or debts.

  9. The desire to retain the marital home for a child.

  10. The destruction or waste of finances by a spouse within two years of filing for divorce.


We will put you in the best legal position in regards to alimony. The court will consider whether one spouse has a need for alimony while the other spouse has an ability to pay alimony. Alimony can be ordered by the judge for periodic payments or a lump sum. There are four types of alimony (listed below). The court will also consider adultery and the circumstances surrounding a break up.  See Florida Statute 61.08.

We will persuade the court to Determine Alimony to your benefit

  1. The standard of living during the marriage

  2. The duration of the marriage

  3. The age, physical condition and emotional condition of each party.

  4. Financial resources 

  5. Earning capacity, educational level, skills and additional education needs

  6. The contribution of each party to the marriage

  7. Child care

  8. Tax consequences 

  9. All income.

The length of the marriage will affect the length and amount of alimony. Florida Statute 61.08 outlines three categories of marriage.

  1. Short term: Marriage is less than 7 years

  2. Moderate term: Marriage is between 7 and 17 years 

  3. Long term: Marriage is 17 years or greater

Types of alimony that you may pursuit: 

  1. Bridge the Gap Alimony: Assist a party transitioning from being married to being single. It is only for short term needs and the length may not exceed 2 years.

  2. Rehabilitative Alimony: Assist a party to become self sufficient through work and education via redeveloping previous skills or credentials or to get an education, training or work experience. 

  3. Durational Alimony: Economic assistance for a set period of time.

  4. ​Permanent Alimony: Provides for needs and necessities as established during the marriage for a party that lacks the financial ability to meet their own needs.  

Expedited and Strategic

We have finalized divorces in a quickly as ten (10) days.  While most divorces will not resolve this quickly, it will depend on your circumstances.    

  1. One party must have been a resident in Florida for the proceeding 6 months.

  2. Both parties must be willing to give up equitable distribution and

  3. The parties must not have any prior children or real property.

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