Our Colors

Our colors are Gold, Black and White.  Delve into the analogy and meaning behind the colors that we chose for our firm below.  Each color has a unique purpose and meaning.  


The color gold was chosen because of it's beauty, value, stability, rareness and connection with nobility. People strive to wear gold necklaces, bracelets, and to decorate their homes and personal items in gold. This is because gold is viewed in high esteem. Just like gold, we want The Lions Den to be held in high esteem as well by our clients, judges, opponents and the community.  

Gold is a stable commodity. The value of gold has remained stable throughout history. While the value of the dollar may depreciates over time, the value of gold has continued to be stable or has increased. This is why people invest in gold and why there are lots of stores that buy gold. Historically, American money was backed by gold, although, that is not the case anymore. The federal reserve backed and insured the value of money by storing gold in large safes. Most people are familiar with Fort Knox, which is still one of the largest gold storage facilities in the world. In the same way, The Lions Den will remain a stable and secure place for the community and our clients to go for legal assistance, as a place they can trust that their legal concerns willl be managed properly.  

Gold maintains value because it is a rare metal. There are mystic, historic stories of a city of gold called "El Dorado", but this city was never found and one can only dream of having such an abundance of gold.  Gold is rare and that is one reason why people enjoy showing off their gold so much, or purchasing it as an investment.  Just as gold is rare, The Lions Den is rare in that we provide excellent, concerned assistance for our clients.  We spend time thinking of different angles to craft arguments and negotiations.  We analyze each angle of a case for our clients in order to reach the best Possible solution.  

Gold is a noble metal.  Many crowns are made of gold and nobile jewelry is often encased in gold.  Kings and queens and their children are the leaders in their respective lands.  In the same way, The Lions Den strives to be a leader in the legal field.  We strive to create a business model that is admired and respected by our peers, our clients and our community. We have a history of doing legal services at a reduced price or for free for people that can't afford it. We support community outreach projects and community groups that make a positive impact on the people closest to us. We want our clients to know, that when you support The Lions Den, you will also be supporting your community.

Black and White

In addition to the color gold, our webpage is black and white. 'Black and white' is a phrase that means a very clear distinction. There is no ambiguity when something is considered black and white. The Lions Den law firm is very black and white with how we represent our clients, how we educate the legal process to them, and how we present the information to the trier of fact (judge or jury). You can trust that we won't misdirect you, work around you or use your information in a compromising way. We would rather choose honesty and truthfulness at the expense of losing business or money. We pride ourselves in our trustworthy reputation and know that no amount of money can earn trust.  

Miami, Florida

Brickell Arch (Former Espirito Santo Plaza)

1395 Brickell Ave, Suite 900

Miami, FL 33131

West Palm Beach, Florida

Northbridge Center

515 North Flagler Drive, Suite P-300

West Palm Beach FL 33401

Tampa, Florida 

400 North Ashley Drive, Suite 1900

Tampa, Florida 33602

New York City, New York

48 Wall Street, Suite 1100

New York, New York, 10005

Bogota Colombia 

Calle 146 #7-64

Bogota Colombia

Panama City, Panama

Green Bay Tower Nº 303

Costa Del Este, Panama

Phone: 305-699-5466

Phone: 844-954-6652


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Valencia, Venezuela

Avenida Urdaneta con Arismendi.

Edificio Oficentro El Quinteto. Piso 1

Ofic 1C, Valencia, Zip Code 2001