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Child Support

To have a child is to be blessed

The Lions' Den provides litigation services to petition or modify child support or to oppose a child support demand.  Child support is regulated by Chapter 61 of the Florida Statutes and Florida case law. It is an area of law that is important to hire a skilled attorney because there are many aspects of law that can affect the amount of child support paid.  Many people need the experience and expertise of an attorney to comprehend all of the rules, regulations and information involved. A party can request contribution or full payment of health and medical insurance for the child , life insurance, and other services that will be in the best interest of the child.  We offer a voice in court that can explain our client's and their children's needs and elaborate why the court should find in their favor. We at the Lions' Den have a wealth of experience in child support litigation and look forward to helping you with your child support needs.  If you would like to contact us, contact us at:

8449546652 or 3056995466

Factors Considered by the Court

Essential elements to successful representation

The court will always consider foremost the needs of the child or children. In any child support situation, the court will evaluate the monthly income of the mother and father and their income goes into a formula. We would argue that the most critical factor to affect child support is the time sharing order because the amount of support is calculated by the parties income ratio and then the income ratio is applied to the amount of overnight stays a child has with each party (Thus, if one partner makes double the amount of the other partner, then the income ratio applied will be 2/1).