August 1, 2019

I.             Employer/Employee Relationships

The federal government allows for many different types of employer/employee type relationships. By “employer/employee type relationship,” I mean one person complet...

April 11, 2018

While The Lions' Den seeks customer satisfaction, the practice of law can bring different experiences and results for each client.  Results are never guaranteed but effort is.  

January 16, 2018

Jonathan May has been awarded the 2018 Albert Nelson Maquis Lifetime Achievement Award.  Attorney May will be featured to represent Miami, Florida in the 2018 Who's Who in American Law, which recognizes America's most accomplished lawyers since 1899.  Attorney May and...

November 13, 2017

The Lions' Den received a call from Gayborhood, an app for LGBTQ friendly businesses, expressing that a person in the LGBTQ community had written a page and a half expressing how thankful they were for the legal services that were rendered by The Lions' Den and how The...

November 8, 2017

Attorney Jonathan May was invited to appear on Impact Makers Radio to discuss advice and trends in divorce in Florida.

September 24, 2017

If you are considering getting married in Florida, you should realize the consequences of the contract you are about to enter into and how it can affect your life.  Are you willing to give up half of your retirement and/or pay your spouse a monthly payment for the rest...

September 24, 2017

Jonathan May has been nominated as a biographical candidate and will be featured to represent Miami, Florida and be featured in the 2018 Who's Who in American Law, which recognizes America's most accomplished lawyers since 1899.  

September 24, 2017

The Lions' Den has been selected as Immigration Law Firm of the Year in the USA.  The recipient was selected from a total of 19,000 votes from March until May of 2017 and the final selection process entailed the following: The number of nominations received, Supporting...

September 24, 2017

Jonathan May was selected as Lawyer Monthly's Legal Awards Lawyer of the Year for Civil Law in the USA. Lawyer Monthly recognizes achievement and success in the legal industry.  Their criteria for award recipients are based on having a proven track record in delivering...

September 15, 2017

Clearly, there have been many homes damaged in the wake of Hurricane Irma.  It is very important that tenants know their rights concerning damage to their apartment and how they can get repairs completed by their landlord.  If the landlord doesn’t do the repairs, then...

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How Parental Disputes Affect Brain Development in Children

August 15, 2017

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